Elder Financial Exploitation & Abuse

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At Normandin, Cheney & O'Neil, we recognize the distinctive challenges that our growing elderly population is facing, and we provide legal services that are tailored to their needs. Our firm offers comprehensive representation in a broad range of matters, such as trusts and estates, powers of attorney, guardianships, claims relating to negligence, financial exploitation, or financial or physical abuse.

Since 1914, Normandin, Cheney & O’Neil, PLLC has been dedicated to advancing the interests of people throughout New Hampshire, particularly in the Lakes Region and throughout the communities within Belknap, Grafton, Carroll, and Merrimack Counties. Our firm also can assist clients who need an estate planning attorney or guidance in a personal injury, real estate, family law, criminal defense, government benefits, or corporate law matter.

Navigating Complex Issues in Elder Financial Exploitation and Abuse

An attorney can help you protect yourself or the well-being of your loved ones. Elder abuse includes not only physical and emotional harm and neglect, but also financial exploitation. Financial abuse includes the wrongful taking, misuse, or concealment of the money, property, or assets of a senior citizen for the benefit of another party. In New Hampshire, the financial exploitation of an elderly, impaired or disabled adult is a criminal matter, as well as a civil matter.

Financial exploitation is often perpetrated by strangers through various scams and identity theft or by professionals like predatory lenders and pyramid scheme investors who target elderly individuals. It can also occur by trusted individuals, such as in-home care providers who steal or over-charge for services, or even by family members making inappropriate gifts to themselves or expenditures, which do not benefit the elderly client. Our attorneys have experience identifying and addressing the issues that arise in these sensitive situations. Identifying and addressing the problem may also require the involvement of law enforcement, an investigation by affected financial institutions, and a civil lawsuit against the responsible person or business.

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